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Managed IT Services Montreal

Providers of Montreal Managed IT Services like, Syslogic deliver an array of services customized to the distinct requirements of businesses. We ensure maximum performance and security. Our managed services include, IT support, security and strategic planning. We also have secure backups designed to reduce downtime and ransomware threats. Our platform helps businesses meet their objectives and maintain a competitive edge in the digital environment.

Some of the critical aspects of our Montreal Managed IT Services include vigilant monitoring, proactive management, and responsive maintenance services, ensuring smooth operations and mitigating potential disruptions. We utilize top-tier tools and best practices to guard businesses against security infringements and maintain business continuity.

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Consulting Services

Syslogic, managed IT services deliver a broad spectrum of solutions aimed at enhancing business efficiency, reducing downtime, and sustaining competitiveness in the digital environment. We can become your outsourced IT department, or supplement the existing IT department. This enables businesses to draw on the proficiency of a complete service provider team, allowing them to concentrate on business growth rather than IT infrastructure management. Collaborating with a single managed services provider like, Syslogic can lead to cost-effective outcomes, steady advice, and enhanced IT governance, which collectively improves business performance.

Syslogic, is among the top managed services providers in Montreal, offering tailored solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. As a top managed services provider, Syslogic prioritizes the implementation and design of IT solutions, offering consulting services to optimize profitability and allow businesses to focus on their central operations.

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Consulting Services Montreal Breakdown

Managed IT Services

Our full suite of managed IT services is the best way to have an outsourced IT department for your business. Managed services clients receive tech support, remote monitoring, security, and onsite assistance. It's the ultimate peace of mind for your investment.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Remote monitoring gives our team the information they need to support you 24/7. Our monitoring software checks computers, servers and network equipment for errors and impending hardware failures. This is the best way to prevent downtime and increase efficiency.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is an integral part of our commitment to our clients. Our IT services are designed with security in mind giving Montreal businesses the tools they need to protect their investment. From robust firewalls to MDR (Managed Detection and Response) we help you maintain security.


Help desk and tech support is one of the most important day-to-day needs a business has. Our knowledgeable team are able to support not only our solutions but your business process to keep everything running smoothly. We are available by phone, email or text message.

VoIP Business Telephony

Voice is still a vital part of any communications platform. As one of the top managed services providers in the Montreal area we offer VoIP telephony services to our clients. Do you need intelligent call routing, IVR, and support for remote workers? Our flexible platform can help you stay connected.

Security Account Management

Account management is a hot topic. Illegal takeover and hacking of business accounts is on the rise. Our account management platform allows us to apply secure policies to platforms like Microsoft 365. This permits us to ensure secure settings for all accounts globally.

On Site Support

Not all situations can be handled with remote assistance. Expansions, additions, and upgrades still require on site technical support. Our IT services in Montreal include on site technical support for installations, additions or repairs.

Secure Immutable Backup

Knowing what to do when disaster strikes is an important part of business performance today. Our structured disaster recovery process makes sure your important business data is accessible, secure and immutable.

Managed IT Services in Montreal

Delivering Technical Support and Remote Monitoring

By choosing a provider that offers customized solutions, expert support, and a proven track record of success, businesses can focus on their core objectives and thrive in the digital age. Invest in the right Montreal Managed IT Services provider and unlock your business’s full potential.

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Cloud Consulting

Syslogic's cloud infrastructure management services help businesses by enhancing their cloud environment to increase innovation and performance. Syslogic's Montreal Managed IT Services offers tailored cloud solutions, including:

- Private hosting
- Hybrid clouds
- Cloud migration
- Infrastructure architecture
- Disaster recovery

Rapid Response Time

Managed IT Services from Syslogic ensure efficient technical support by offering remote and in-person assistance, providing solutions to IT system issues, and providing monitoring and proactive support for businesses in the Montreal area. We offer on-demand technical support and effective incident response.

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